Social Security Disability Advocate

Diana P. Wade, a disability advocate is a non-attorney representative as delineated in the Social Security Protection Act signed by President Bush in 2004.

Wade passed a stringent examination which tested her knowledge of the Social Security Administration’s rules and regulations concerning their Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability benefit programs, as well as the most recent developments in Social Security Administration and court decisions.

Prior to taking the examination she was required to possess specifically delineated professional qualifications (experience and education), pass a criminal background check, and submit proof of current liability insurance.

The project also required participation in continuing education about Social Security Administration claimant representation, rules, regulations and policies. Until this project, the Social Security Administration had never previously offered any type of criteria that would allow members of the general public to be satisfied that a representative has requisite skills and was knowledgeable of the process.

Ms Wade is a charter member of The National Association of Disability Representatives (NADR – www.nadr.org). NADR is a national not-for-profit professional organization that serves both the needs of its members as well as disabled persons in the community by providing ongoing education and communication amongst its members so they can provide the highest quality of disability representation.

NADR also provides a referral service where persons with disabilities can be connected with knowledgeable representatives. NADR was founded in St. Louis, MO in March of 2000 by a group of about 30 non-attorney representatives from throughout the United States who felt that such a group could provide superior representation to persons with significant impairments.

Members of NADR include retired Social Security employees, Nurses, Lawyers, Paralegals, Vocational Experts, Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Insurance Company Claims people, and other professionals. Looking to the future, NADR is continuing to work directly with the Social Security Administration in the improvement of the disability process for impaired persons as well as to encourage its members to attain the highest standards.

Ms Wade has been providing advocacy services since 1995. Located in Tehachapi, CA she offers Social Security assistance in throughout Kern County, Inyo and Mono Counties and prides herself in the provision of caring assistance for people with significant physical or mental impairments. Fees for her service are regulated and approved by the Social Security Administration.

As a Disability Advocate with more than 10 years experience who has now qualified to participate in this national demonstration project, Ms Wade believes her clientèle can be comfortable knowing that she has met the standards set by the Social Security Administration.