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Paraprofessional working group (PPWG)

Created by the California State Bar, the Paraprofessional Program Working Group is charged with developing recommendations for consideration by the Board of Trustees for the creation of a paraprofessional licensure/certification program to increase access to legal services in California.  This group is working to define the qualifications, licensure and rules of professional conduct.

CALDA's Legislative Committee is involved on behalf of our membership, and the LDA profession at large, to ensure LDA representation through this evolution of the legal profession.  

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Calda's public comment, January 11, 2022

California Paraprofessional Program Recommendations

CALDA, The California Association of Legal Document Assistants is a active participant in the California Paraprofessional Program Working Group. We support the goals and the recommendations of the Paraprofessionals study group as long as the California Bar Association supports legislation that will allow for a independent Legal Document Assistant Profession free of a Sunset Provision. We look forward to collaborating and promoting our mutual goals of serving the public by establishing new educational and ethical standards. We strongly recommend the delivery of educational courses to utilize the California Community College On line platform. The legal profession will benefit by having a strong independent LDA profession that can be the first stop in a legal career as a paraprofessional, attorney, judge. The front line experience of learning procedures, filling out forms and interaction with consumers will make better legal professionals. 

The California Association of Legal Document Assistants was established in August 1986, and was formerly known as “California Association of Independent Paralegals” (CAIP). CALDA is the time-honored organization for legal document preparation professionals and supporters of this profession. CALDA promotes and encourages high standards of ethical and professional conduct while offering its members educational opportunities, professional alliance, a website business listing, member forum exchange, and attorney approved printed brochure materials.

CALDA promotes growth, development, and recognition of the Legal Document Assistants’ profession as an integral partner in the delivery of legal services. Membership consists of registered and bonded California Legal Document Assistants, Bankruptcy Petition Preparers, Social Security Disability Advocates, SSI Advocates, and sustaining members who support and enhance the LDA profession.

Commitment is given to increasing public access to the legal system and CALDA recognizes the Legal Document Assistant’s professional responsibilities to the public, to the legal system, and to colleagues. CALDA is a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit 501(c)6 Corporation.

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